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What is a Dancing Bubble Party?

A Dancing Bubble Party is a Fun Filled Event geared toward children ages 3-12 years old.  Dancing Bubble Parties are an Interactive Program featuring age appropriate Music, Dancing, Games, Fun and Bubbles designed to engage young children. 

There is something very infectious about Bubbles, both young and old alike will be delighted.  There will be LOTS & LOTS of Bubbles!

Bubbles combined with Music and Activities such as, Dance & Cooperative Games, is a “Can’t Miss Party”

Where are Dancing Bubble Parties Performed?

Bubble Parties are usually performed outside in an open air area, such as a school playground, park or a private backyard. These parties are perfect for outdoor events.  Occasionally, a Dancing Bubble Party can be held indoors.

Dancing Bubble Parties are performed at:

Preschools                                 Daycares                  Private Parties

Park & Recreation Centers     Birthday Parties        Pool Parties

Youth & Church Groups            Family Reunions         Festivals

Elementary Schools                  Day Camps                Fundraisers


What types of Activities and Songs are played during a Dance Bubble Party? 

Activities might include or involve the following: Limbo, Hula Hoops, Rhythmic Dance, Lumni Sticks, Ribbon Wands, Bean Bag Play, Simon Says, Locomotive and Non-Locomotive Movements, such as Running, Jumping, Skipping, Hopping, and Dancing.

The Music is Upbeat and Energetic.  The Games are simple and easy to follow.  When the Bubbles are turned on, the childrens' faces will glow with excitement as they Dance and Play in a Bubble Wonderland!

The Dancing Bubble Party Program encourages Constant Movement and Activity, featuring classic kids fun dancing songs

Some of the Dances we include are:  Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, YMCA, The Freeze, The Twist, Line Dances, and Creative Movement.

All songs are Age Appropriate and can be tailored for any event or party.

Do you need additional adults to help supervise during the Bubble Party?

Yes, we will need staff/adult supervision and participation to enhance the children's experience and to ensure a safe event.

How many children should attend a Bubble Party?

A Bubble Party works best for a group of 5 to 25 children.  Larger groups can be accommodated and may require additional time.

How much time do you need?

We will need about 1 hour to set-up, 1 hour for the Dancing Bubble Party, and about 30 minutes to break down.

Do you have professional equipment?

Yes, we use professional DJ equipment to include Bubble King machines that produce thousands of bubbles. All equipment and materials for the various activities are provided by us. Just give us a place to play, access to an electrical outlet, and we will be ready to Dance & Bubble.

What areas do you offer service?

We primarily provide service in New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Massachusetts - North of Boston.

How much does a Bubble Party cost?

Typically, a Dancing Bubble Party cost $200.00 for a one hour show. If you schedule 2 Bubble Parties on the same day/same location, the cost would be $350.00.  Some locations may have a small additional charge for traveling. Larger venues and festivals, please call for pricing. 

Additional Note.....

For 1 hour your children will be entertained and will participate in activities that will bring the biggest of smiles to their faces. All children love bubbles... so why not give them thousands of bubbles and a moment everyone will remember forever? What a gift!!!

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